Apéritifs and digestifs, just like back then.

Before and after meals: our Amaro, Aperitivo, Gin, and Limoncello are always delicious because they are all made with natural ingredients, without preservatives or colorings. Just like back then.

Liquorificio Fabbrizii Amaro Fabbrizii ambientata


The reclaimed bitter

Amaro Fabbrizii is a most pleasing bitter: soft, warm, silky, with a slight peppery tone that slowly opens up on your tongue; thanks to the digestive properties of its seven natural ingredients, it immediately gives a nice feeling of wellness both before and after a meal.

Liquorificio Fabbrizii Aperitivo Fabbrizii ambientata


The reclaimed apéritif

Oranges, summer, brightness: these are the sensations given by Aperitivo Fabbrizii. Lovely, enveloping and, most of all, refreshing due to its low alcoholic gradation (15°). Its complex bitter taste makes it ideal for a late afternoon drink you can enjoy neat or with just a little ice.

Liquorificio Fabbrizii Gin Rusagni ambientata


Gin like back then

This is a superior Gin, warm in taste and color, that not only improves the most classic cocktails, from a traditional Gin and Tonic to a Negroni, but is ripe for discovery and experimentation in the new art of mixology.

Liquorificio Fabbrizii Limoncello Santo Stefano ambientata


Limoncello like back then

Santo Stefano is our original hometown in the Aveto Valley: we couldn’t help but give its name to our Limoncello, an important liqueur made with 40% more lemons than the quota established by the Consortium of Limone di Sorrento PGI. That is why it is so fragrant and rich in essential oils: you will taste the difference right away!