We’re a proud Ligurian extended family. We are both from the west and from the east of the region, both from land and sea.

Our western side descends from Giovanni Fabbrizii, an entrepreneurbased in Genova in the early 20th century, tied to the towns ofSestri Ponente and Pegli. Our eastern side has its roots in the Aveto Valley since the 1600s, a lush paradise in Chiavari’s inland, and it’s tied to the villages of Rezzoaglio and Santo Stefano. Both family sides have a history deeply tied to liqueurs. Created and sold with great success by Giovanni Fabbrizii in his elegant liberty-style café, where the city’s most influential people used to meet. Created and savored in the Fugazzi household, where great parties among friends and family have been hosted for half a century.

Amaro Fabbrizii - riconoscimenti

Apéritifs and digestifs, just like back then.

At the turn of the century coffee and liquor maker Giovanni Fabbrizii invented a bitter and an apéritif that were delivered to the aristocracy and sent all over Italy from Genova. Production stopped with World War II, but Laura, his great-granddaughter, found his personal notebook with all his handwritten formulas: thanks to this precious finding not only could we finally taste the drinks we had heard so much about in our family, but we were finally able to reproduce them and give life to Nuovo Liquorificio Fabbrizii, now moved to the Aveto Valley.

Liquorificio Fabbrizii Amaro Fabbrizii Bottiglia
Val d'Aveto paesaggio

D’Aveto Valley, beyond the glass

We have the deepest connection with d’Aveto Valley: we grew up in its fields and forests, gathering berries, roots, bark, herbs, and flowers for our homemade liqueurs of all kinds, from classics like prugnolo, erba Luisa and nocino, to great mixes that every year made us emotional at the first sip.

It came as a natural move to us to bring here Giovanni Fabbrizii’s historic liqueurs, because ours is a project that looks beyond the bottle: we want to let the whole world to know about this marvelous valley in the Ligurian inland… one drink at a time. The lush green, the creeks, the wild horses, the ancient hamlets need only to be discovered for anyone to fall hopelessly in love with them, just like Ernest Hemingway, when he defined it “the most beautiful valley in the world”.

Villa Ravenna: a jewel of Liberty style architecture

Besides having established the headquarters of Liquorificio Fabbrizii in the center of Rezzoaglio, we are in the process of renovating a beautiful villa, named “Ravenna” after its original owners: a jewel of Liberty-style architecture whose tower is visible from most of the valley, a symbol of the elegance that takes us back to Giovanni Fabbrizii’s celebrated café from the start of the century.

It will become a boutique hotel offering our guests a unique, charming stay. We have also acquired various pieces of land in different areas of the valley, so that we can cultivate organically and in total autonomy all the different herbs for our liqueurs: we can’t wait to welcome you to our farm and show you just how much care we put in our products!

Val d'Aveto paesaggio Lago delle Lame

Our bond with the territory

We strongly believe in the potential of the Aveto Valley’s: we want to see it alive, loved, valued. We mean to take part to maintenance initiatives for the forests, we formally requested to be allowed to take care of the public parks for children and we’re counting upon being able to extend our support to the community with many more projects. So, when you’re having a glass of Fabbrizii you’re not only savoring a special product, as good as it has always been: you are living the beautiful Aveto Valley with us.